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Kylesa – “Spiral Shadow” Psychedelic/sludge metal from Savannah, with two singers Philip Cope and Laura Pleasants and two drummers Carl McGinley and Tyler Newberry going full tilt, they are rhythmically complex, trippy sonic and  sensual spaciousness noise. On this album there is a strong influence of early 90’s indie rock and each instrumental passage travels toward some eerie and unknown beyond. Best songs are “To Forget” “Tired Climb” “Distance Closing In” “Drop Out” and “Back & Forth.”

Circle Of Animals – “Destroy The Light” Dark, epic, hypnotic industrial from Sanford Parker (Minsk) and Bruce Lamont (Yakuza). They play a modern form of legendary Chicago industrial with many different drummers like Steve Shelley (Sonic Youth) Dave Witte (Municipal Waste) John Herdon (Tortoise) John Merryman (Cephalic Carnage) just to name a few.

Funker Vogt – “Blutzoll” German industrial/aggrotech.

Slough Feg – “Animal Spirits” Heavy folk metal from San Francisco.

Dimmu Borgir – “Abrahadabra” Norwegian symphonic black metal.

Cough – “Ritual Abuse” Psychedelic/doom metal from Richmond, Virginia. Suffocating and claustrophobic, warped and hallucinogenic impressive monolith of sound and volume.

The Orb & David Gilmour – “Metallic Spheres” English ambient house musician Alex Paterson has joined forces with legendary singer and guitar player David Gilmour of Pink Floyd to create a very psychedelic trippy lp.

The Tear Garden – “Have A Nice Trip” Edward Ka-Spel (Legendary Pink Dots) and Cevin Key ( Skinny Puppy) return with their dark-synth, electronic, psychedelic noise experimental project. They create creepy, tripped out music and lyrics venturing through standard dark realms then dive into experimental instrumentals.

O Children – “O Children” Psychedelic post-punk from the UK named after a Nick Cave song.

Red Shore – “Avarice Of Man” Death metal from Australia.

Encoffination – “Seventh Temple Of Laodicean Scripture” Two piece death/doom metal project from Texas/Georgia.

Bethlehem – “Stonkfitzchen” Black/dark metal from Germany.

Cradle Of Filth – “Darkly, Darkly, Venus Aversa” Concept album about the demon “Lilith” from symphonic black/gothic metal band from England.

Tank – “War Machine” British heavy metal band.

Withered – “Dualitas” Blackened death metal from Atlanta.

Aorlhac – “La Cite Des Vents” French black metal.

Monster Magnet – “Mastermind” Stoner metal from New Jersey.

Meat Beat Manifesto – “Answers Come In Dreams” Jack Dangers’ influential experimental/electronic/industrial project from the UK.

Jesu – “Heartache & Dethroned” Re-issue of 2004 Ep Dethroned an unreleased new and early tracks from the master Justin K. Broadrick.

The Germs – “Live At The Starwood” Legendary punk band captured live for the last time with original singer Darby Crash on 12/03/1980.

Killing Joke – “Absolute Dissent” 13th studio album from legendary and influential post-rock/industrial band. The original line-up from the 80’s: Jaz Coleman (vocals) Geordie (guitar) Youth (bass) Paul Ferguson (drums).

After The Burial – “In Dreams” Melodic death metal from the Twin Cities.

God Dethroned – “Under The Sign Of The Iron Cross” Blackened death metal from the Netherlands.

John Zorn – “Interzone” Avant-garde composer, saxophonist and multi-instrumentalist that has worked with the likes of MIke Patton.

Atheist – “Jupiter” Death/thrash metal from Florida.

Amorphis – “Magic & Mayhem – Tales From The Early Years” Melodic/progressive death metal from Finland.

Weapon – “From The Devil’s Tomb” Canadian blackened death metal.

Embryonic Devourment – “Vivid Interpretations Of The Void” Death metal/grindcore from Cali.

Haarp – “The Filth” Metal from the Nola swamps.

Phobia – “Unrelenting” Ep from O.C. Cali grindcore/crustpunks.

Furze – “Reaper Subconscious Guide” Solo black metal project from Norway.

Applaud The Impaler – “Anthropophagi” Death metal from Virginia.